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For several years I have recognized that we really need a way to raise funds to offset evangelism, especially in small communities, so I prayed several times and asked God: where are the funds?  How can we go about raising funds in a positive way, in a way that is not going to be a drain on people and in a way that is going to benefit the kingdom?

God, of course, responded in a big way. 

He gave me a vision. 

Have you ever heard how big companies start, like Google, it’s often on a little napkin. 

That’s the way this was.  God gave me a napkin-outline that every time I considered it, how to get it started, He grew it—the vision has grown enormously. Far bigger than anything I could have come up with on my own.

Let me explain the napkin idea. Proverbs 29:18 says "where there is no vision, the people perish...", a business, a ministry, needs a plan. 

The napkin-sized plan is just cutting it down to the very basics. From this napkin plan usually grows a really big plan.  Shaklee, Google are both examples of companies that started out with a napkin idea.

In June of last year I was going through a cancer scare.  I was seeking God consistently because  I was afraid of the diagnosis of cancer. I was seeking His Will and doing deep, solitary prayer, just talking between Him and me, waiting for His guidance. 

This one particular night I was doing just that, quietly with my eyes closed, all this information just came at me in answer to my earlier prayers. He unraveled exactly what He wants me to do in this ministry.

The basic principle He showed me was to utilize a premade flashcard system that corresponds with our weekly adult Sabbath School memory verse. People purchase a yearly subscription and just prior to the new quarter starting, they receive the specially-formatted scripture memorization cards pertaining to that quarter.  

Each card contains the book/chapter/verse and translation reference.  The verses are broken down thought-by-thought which makes it easy to memorize. Each card also contains reference to the title of the Quarterly, the topic of the weekly lesson, and the Sabbath memorization due date.

Currently, due to Copyright issues, we are only utilizing the King James version, however in time, as the ministry grows we will be expanding into other versions.

God has continued to show me how He will grow this ministry.

The vision He has given me enforces the verse Romans 8:28: "...all things work together for good to theme that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose".

With every new aspect He revealed to me, I saw nothing but blessings for His Children: from being able to hire people who need to supplement their income, to expansion plans that go beyond other Bible translations such as a launch in Canada and the States, spreading to Europe, Australia and around the globe, to include different languages. 

He has also given me a vision to expand into the electronic world by having scripture memorization cards delivered to smart phones and to also to be inclusive of other denominations by changing the Scripture Memorization Sabbath due date to a Memorization Goal Date, which of course would always be the Sabbath.

God will teach others about the Sabbath through this means.

As the vision expanded, and I realized the potential He was showing me, I took the first step to get the ball rolling by getting written permission from Clifford Goldstein, editor of the Adult SS Quarterly and now we are moving forward with the intention of getting people into the Word of God on a weekly basis instead of relying upon their Church leaders.

Further in reference to Matthew 25:36 God has granted me an understanding of the importance of reaching out to those who are incarcerated by way of an anonymous sponsorship program. 

That means that a person can purchase a subscription for a prayerfully chosen inmate who is seeking Christ. 

The Chaplains choose which inmates receive the sponsorship.  We are currently working with Chaplain Karen Hayde in the Naniamo Correction Facility and working on expanding to other facilities across Canada. 

He has also shown me the importance of supporting our evangelism and ministerial students across Canada and the US. So we offer a sponsorship program for them as well.

Another wonderful aspect He showed me was the witnessing opportunities that will come from showing people these cards.

Most of the time we don’t pack our Bibles around with us but, with a scripture memorization card it is easy to pack in our wallet or even out back pocket, and it’s just as easy to do a quick 1-2 minute review throughout the day. 

Eventually the people around us will ask us “What are you doing with those cards? “  It’s a perfect opportunity to share with people what God has done in your life (your testimony) and to share the love God has for them, all while the people who are studying the cards are themselves benefitting!

It's Romans 8:28 in play, all the way around.  It’s a win-win-win situation.

And if that wasn’t enough, God has revealed a financial plan which would encourage anyone to make this Scripture-Memorization program available to their friends, their Church family, and others while earning an income. I call this the “Rep Program”.

With the recent launch of the website and Facebook page we are looking forward to the blessings God has in store for all of us through this business ministry.

We are currently taking orders from Canada and the United States and we are asking our brothers and sisters to join with us by ordering their own subscription and sharing this vision with others so we can advance the growth of the Kingdom and hasten His coming!

With blessings in Christ,

Jodie McClure, Elder, Comox Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church

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