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Spring 2013 was our second Evangelistic Series with Pastor Justis St Hilaire in Mission, BC.

We met at the Best Western Hotel for two weeks, after which we transitioned to the church.

We witnessed a powerful message that was delivered by Pastor Justis, and our church members contributed with their spiritual gifts in making the presentations colorful and effective.

The presentations were transformational and Christ centered, engaging both Adventists and the group of visitors present.

Among the visitors, there was a man whom I got to know personally.

I watched him become more and more interested, and it was not long before he was completely captivated with the presentations.

I could see the Holy Spirit stirring in his heart. He confessed that his past was not a perfect one, in fact he had many battles with various addictions. Yet  through God's power, we witnessed a changed life.

His was one of the several baptisms we had on the closing Sabbath of the evangelistic series. He is still involved in our church, and we are seeing a constantly growing person, in wisdom and in truth.

I would like to encourage every church and every person, to take evangelism seriously.

The day is at hand when Jesus will come back. We have a great commission to fulfill, and the rewards are unspeakable. Soon our Saviour will be standing face to face with us, and I pray that the words He will say will be: "Well done, my good and faithful servant".

By Tim Nagy, Pastor for Mission City and Maple Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church

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