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President's Update: March 12

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It is an absolutely beautiful sunny day in Abbotsford! No clouds, no rain, no snow – birds are singing, everyone is smiling – and, no one wants to be at work. 

I think we call this SPRING FEVER!!!! I was just thinking about how blessed I am to have the privilege of serving in the British Columbia Conference with such incredible dedicated workers like you . . . . all of you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you are doing to help grow God’s Kingdom in BC & the Yukon! What a blessing to serve with you!

Several of you have sent me emails letting me know that you and your church have been praying for my health. I am doing so much better. I am feeling stronger every day. THANK YOU! God is good; ALL THE TIME!

We have several names that the Search Committee will be reviewing next week for the position Assistant to the President for REACH. 

I am hoping a recommendation will come out of that meeting for the BOD to consider at their meeting on April 8. 

Please continue to pray that the Lord will reveal His choice to the BOD. I have had the privilege over the past couple of months to share the REACH strategy in three churches and it has been received with much interest and enthusiasm. 

Members love the idea of collaboration and sharing of resources – especially the concept of joint initiatives to reach their communities for Jesus.  

We are beginning to work on camp meeting assignments.

One decision we have made is to separate out the young adults from the WAVE tent. 

The focus of the WAVE tent is going to be alternative worship and the leader is Steve Little. 

He will keep the same team he had last year.  We are still working on identifying the leader for the young adults. 

The young adults will meet in the lodge auditorium.  For this year the young adults will only be meeting on the 2nd weekend beginning on Thursday evening.  In 2015 the young adults will meet on both weekends.  

I will share more on this later in the Spring – speakers and schedule.

Our next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for April 8 and it will be a conference call. 

We voted to reduce the number of face-to-face meetings and in its place have conference calls. 

This will save funds that can now be allocated to other areas.  We are doing our best to utilize technology in order to have more funds for ministry.

Thank you for having your church pray the last couple of Sabbaths for our teachers and especially for the up-coming Teachers Convention. 

As you know our teachers not only teach their discipline but they are molding and shaping characters every day. 

Our schools continue to be a mission field where our youth can fall in love with Jesus. 

A number of our students come to school broken and the classroom becomes a place of refuge for them . . . . thank you for connecting with our teachers and letting them know how much they are appreciated.

Please, please, please -  if exciting events are taking place at your church or school please pass this information on to our Communication Department. They have created a nifty tool to help you write your story. Click on the link here:

Our constituents tell me that they love hearing the stories and find them very encouraging. We need to be singing the praises of the ONE who is blessing our people and you certainly can help with that.

A church that reaches out beyond their walls to do good to people and meet their needs will find itself impacting many lives for Jesus.

Several years ago while going home from work, Giles Tate, from Amarillo, Texas, saw two children playing in a vacant lot. 

They were dirty, ragged and hungry looking.  He stopped his car and asked where they lived.  They pointed to an old abandoned school bus standing near the alley.  They told Giles that they lived there with their Dad who was very sick.

Giles went to see what he could do for the children’s father.  The bus was in terrible condition. 

The windows were broken out and cardboard was substituted.  Beds were made of old, decaying seats, newspaper, and weeds.  It was a pathetic sight.

The children’s father was too weak to stand up.  Thinking him near death, Giles took him to the hospital.  There it was determined that the man had tuberculosis.  He was put into a hospital room and quarantined. Giles, this servant of Jesus, told the hospital that he would pay for all the man’s medical expenses.

Giles then took the children to his home and continued to visit the man.  Since he couldn’t go into the room, he stood outside and talked to him through the window screen.  One day the man asked Giles why did he care so much. Giles simply answered, “Because Jesus cares for me!”  When the man recovered, and over the next several months, he requested that Giles prepare him for baptism.

I believe that a church full of servants like Giles Tate cannot help but develop a contagious spirit that will draw thousands to Jesus.  May God empower us with His Spirit as we collaborate and align our ministries to REACH BC & YUKON with a Christ-centered message of HOPE and WHOLENESS!

blessings, Wayne Culmore, President

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