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FVAA Update: March 2014

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CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Cathy Domke who will be the new FVAA principal for the 2014-2015 school year!

FVAA  PERSONNEL:  The personnel committee members are looking for people to fill two positions at FVAA for the 2014-2015 school year.   We are looking for both a high school math teacher and a junior high teacher with a strength in language arts.  If you are qualified and interested in either of these two positions, please submit your resume to Lloyd Robinson at the conference office or contact him for more information.

SAVE THE DATE!  May 11 is our Dinner Theatre Fundraiser.  Bring your mothers and the whole family to enjoy a great meal and a humorous play!

HOPE WAITS 2014 Walk-a-thon and Work-a-thon at Camp Hope.  On April 8 all of our FVAA students will be cleaning the grounds at Camp Hope and doing general camp cleanup to help prepare the camp for another year of events. The students will also be walking to raise money for their school.  FVAA students will be contacting you for sponsorship.  You may also call the school directly at 604-607-3822 ext.341 to contribute.  The BC Conference is matching dollar for dollar our fundraising efforts up to a maximum of $81,163 as we maintain a balanced budget this year.  It is an exciting time to give!

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