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West Coast Adventist School has always had a special place in the Adventist educational community in BC. 

The programs it has been able to provide to students in all communities throughout the province have been well received and very successful, allowing students to access Adventist Education: Anytime Everywhere. 

As an independent school in BC, West Coast Adventist School is subject to yearly evaluations or inspections by the Office of the Inspector of independent Schools on behalf of the provincial Ministry of Education. 

On March 11 the Inspector, Theo Vandeweg along with the associate deputy, Brian Yonkers, conducted this year’s full evaluation of the West Coast Adventist School program. 

It was a surprise when they arrived and also had an observer from the public school distributed learning (DL) school evaluation system with them. 

This public school ministry representative had been invited by the inspector to join the West Coast Adventist School evaluation team because of the interest in the public DL system in developing more synchronous learning opportunities in their programs.  

The inspector felt the West Coast Adventist School evaluation was an opportunity to showcase a successful independent DL school that was providing live classroom experiences for its students using technology.

At the end of the day, the inspection for West Coast Adventist School verified that the approach chosen by the school in delivering the Adventist educational program online is definitely on the leading edge, and where other schools will want to take their programs to improve their success in the DL world. 

We thank the teachers and administrators associated with West Coast Adventist School for their hard work and dedication.  

We also thank the parents throughout our province for having the confidence to allow their children to be part of this exciting and successful program.

If you would like to learn more about West Coast Adventist School and what it can deliver in your community, please contact Lisa Stevens, DL Co-ordinator, at

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