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Camp Meeting Hero: Lorne Brownmiller

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As a good friend and regular camp meeting attendee, Lorne Brownmiller had been promising to come and donate a day of his skilled labor... for a number of months. A gifted fellow in construction/carpentry/renovations (and one liners) etc, he is one of the key components in the Aldergrove Extreme Home Repair (EHR) ministry.

He has had quite a life's journey. From being a young man who hated God because he lost his father at a young age, to living the 'high' life while being a very successful night club owner in Vancouver and Whistler, to now being a man who loves and shares Jesus both in church and in his daily life. He has quite a testimony. 

In the spring of 2013 Lorne changed his career path and that brought a new set of pressures and timelines that he needed to coordinate in addition to all his church activities and EHR role. But wanting to fulfill his promise. he finally made it out to Camp Hope on the Sunday of camp pitch. While there were a number of areas that we would have liked to utilize his skill-set, Lorne masterminded the "Big Mirrors in All the Outdoor Bathrooms" project. Going through tubes and tubes of silicone sealant and figuring out just how to accomplish the task in the best way, he spent a good, long day on a project that I am sure everyone appreciated and thought was long overdue.

He could not complete the task due to size of it, so we wrangled Pastor Tom Glatts into learning the ropes and he, over the course of the week of camp pitch, was able to complete the job of putting up the big mirrors in all the outdoor bathrooms. Pastor Glatts, who was at one time a cabinet maker, did a great job in finishing the task at hand. So our hat is off to him as well. 

We really appreciate Lorne's volunteer commitment to Camp Hope, taking a Sunday from a busy schedule and tackling a project that 1000's would benefit from each day at camp meeting. 

Camp Hope was built largely by financial donations and through volunteerism. It is only in the same way that we will be able to see significant improvements and renovations in 2014 and the years to come. Please prayerfully consider how you can put your shoulder behind and give support, financially or skillfully, to Camp Hope in 2014.

By Bill Gerber, Camp Director

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