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Camp Hope - A Midwinter's Sunny Day

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Was out at the camp on Tuesday, February 25. It was unusual in that the Fraser Valley had gotten more snow than the Hope area. The mountain tops were glowing in the late afternoon sun, the sky was bluer than blue, if that can be true. The air was crisp, clean and cool. The staff was warm and friendly. We have a great staff at Camp hope. The rooms were clean, awaiting their next visitors.

We had just gotten close to $500 in 55 lb bags of Quickset concrete donated (yea), and I delivered that to the lads. Todd Schafer and Steven Hodgins were renovating a storage room, to make into a new laundry room on the west end of the lodge.

I also brought in 80 sets of new dishes. Still have more to purchase. With five weddings this year, we are needing to buy more supplies so we can host these weddings and have enough matching, nice dinnerware, silverware etc to cover all on the various guest lists. The larger of the weddings will have about 350 on their guest list. 

Time is flying by. Only five months until camp meeting. Can you believe it? Can you recognize the different areas under a blanket of light, white snow? If there is a particular area that you have a concern over for upgrades etc, and you would like to be part of the solution to fix, renovate or upgrade with a donation, please contact Bill Gerber via Camp Hope and let's talk!

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By Bill Gerber, Camp Director
 Camp Hope - A Midwinter's Sunny Day

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