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Camp Meeting 2013 Heroes

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Every year, going back to the last century, or thereabouts...Bill Catherall and Dale Jones (affectionately known to us as Sparky Bill and Sparky Dale) have been coming to camp meeting and volunteering.

They actually come about two weeks before camp meeting starts and work up to, and through the actual c.m. week. While they are blessed with a myriad of trades skills, their electrical prowess is mainly what they share with us. 

They go to every site and check to see if the outlets and hook ups weathered the damp Hope winter and fix and replace whatever needs fixing and replacing.

If there are mosquitos, they became a SWAT team.

Camp Meeting 2013 Helping Hands Heroes

They work rain or shine, cold or hot. No moss grows on these guys. And it doesn't stop there!

They come in and fix kitchen appliances, light fixtures, fans and pretty much anything with an electrical current capability. During c.m. they are on call 18 hours a day to respond and fix whatever electrical troubles may be occurring...quite often just blown breakers.

In 2013, they, with the help of Dale's grandson Adam Ritchey (he is the handsome, svelte lad in the grey shirt), wired up the 3-4 and 5-6 classrooms so that they can be insulated and finished on the inside. When completed, with heaters installed, they can be rented out year round to groups that need meeting places when visiting the camp.

If we had to pay two electricians of their calibre for three weeks, overtime and all the expenses that would be incurred, it would cost us 10s of $1000s. But for their beloved Camp Hope, they...'will work for food'. While Dale turned 80 this year, Bill is a few years behind in that department, but their continued involvement is a testament to their passion and dedication for Camp Hope.

To quote a famous man with the name of Churchill..."Never was so much owed by so many to so few'. This bodes similarly true for us as well. Our church and its members owe a lot to Sparky Dale and Sparky Bill (and ...Sparky Adam), for keeping us powered up. We appreciate all they do for us. Thank you Gentlemen!


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