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The Vancouver Korean SDA Church held a Health Evangelism from  November 4-9, 2013. We have invited Dr. Park Jung Hwan from San Francisco. 

Dr. Park presented how to keep health God's way and what God wants us to do during tough times. 

Dr. Park also shared his personal struggle with ankylosing spondylitis and how God healed him. Dr. Park’s family even gave up on him and at times, he himself, felt like giving up. 

However, Dr. Park realized that God's true love is real and that had given him hope and he recovered.

This event showed God's true love and God's preparation beyond the painful life. A lot of people opened their mind, and gave their hearts to God. 

The nightly number of attendees were 89. 

During the Sabbath service, the entire room was fulfilled with new attendees and regular members.

The Vancouver Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church continues to find ways to introduce the Korean community in Vancouver that no matter how much pain one suffers in life, God still loves them and with God, they will overcome.

Out of the 89 attendees, 79 requested to be contacted after the event. The Vancouver Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church now is working on a several programs and ways to bridge the 79 people with the church community.

All Church members participated, organized and supported these event. Not only during the program/presentation, but also during the Health Food Dinner. All attendees enjoyed the Health Food Dinner. 

God was definitely real.

By Sung Ub Moon, Church Clerk
 Vancouver Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church Health Evangelism

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