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Lillooet Church Cooking Show

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The Lillooet fellowship is hoping to become a recognized company soon as it has come alive and grown in last year!

In our planning session, the group decided to focus on community outreach through health and other types of programs as well as personal friendship and witnessing.

One of the initiatives will be a monthly health night and cooking classes. The first night was promoted only through contacts already made, through the word of mouth and personal invitations bathed in much prayer. What a joy it was when he church’s dining area was filled to the brim with some 30+ people of different ages! Most members participated in preparing this event.

Lillooet Church Cooking Show

Vanessa Richards (a stay at home mom of 2 children) and Ceri Christiansen (a wellness counsellor from the Fountainview Academy) both showed a variety of recipes.

Each participant received a bag of samples and recipes.

People had chance to taste the food prepared.

The next day, members of the Lilloet fellowship received phone calls from very happy participants who expressed their appreciation!

Lillooet group is now planning several monthly events of this kind starting in January 2014. We are also planning a weekend event on “how to reach post-moderns” in February with pastor Ern Brake and “Creation weekend seminar” with pastor Terry McComb in March.

Both of these events are community friendly and a growing number of friends of the church will be invited and events will be advertised.

Lillooet group focus is on the laity full involvement in witnessing personally, on friendship evangelism and on-going prayer ministry. Sharing God’s love by acts of kindness, by greater involvement in the community and sharing one’s faith thus becomes as natural as breathing.

By Karel Samek, Pastor for Lillooet Church

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