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2013 was the year of reaping and discipleship training for Spiritual Depot (Chinese Ministry). 

The focus of our ministry has shifted from Simon Fraser University campus in burnaby to the Westminster Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

We have baptized 6 young people in August, and one on December 6, 2013.  

There is a high retention rate for the newly baptized members. In fact, there is only one member who is not attending faithfully, mainly because he is living very far in Surrey. All the others have been attending the Sabbath meetings faithfully.  

Mission Activities:

We have maintained our model for mission works, which include Friday night house fellowship, weekday Bible studies, and Sabbath worship. 

a.Friday night Fellowship: With the support of the Conference, Union, and the Global mission funding, we have expanded our work to a new Friday night service in Burnaby since September, 2013.  The Friday night service in Richmond is temporarily closed, so that we can concentrate our efforts to establish the new site.  Eventually, as things are quite stabilized and we have grown bigger, we are going to form 2 Spiritual Depots, one in Bunjee's house, and one in Burnaby.

b.Bible Studies: we have maintained 3-4 Bible study classes throughout the year.  We have finished the Explorer’s Bible studies material, and we have started to use the In Step with Jesus Sabbath School series for new members.

c. Sabbath worship: we have moved from SFU Interfaith Center to the Westminster SDA church in May. The main reason for such a dramatic move is because we observed that the campus ministry is not meeting the needs of the young people. The SFU campus is so isolated on top of the mountain, and most of the students don’t live on campus. Very few students live on campus during weekends. For the first few months, we attended the English services in the morning and had our own services in one of the Sabbath School classroom after lunch. Since November, we did our own services in the fellowship hall in the morning, and discipleship training in the afternoon. 

d.Special Events: It Is Written – How Science Discovered God seminar in SFU in February; baptism in White Rock beach in August; Care Group training and Abundant Life seminar by Johnny & Tina Wong from Gateway, Australia in October; Immigration and Career Planning seminar/evangelism in Westminster SDA church in November; baptism in Harrison Hot Spring in December.  

Attendance and Membership Report:

The average attendance for Friday night services for the first half of 2013 is about 35.  After moving to Burnaby, the attendance dropped to 15 for the first month in September - however, it has recovered to an average of 25 from then on forward. 

The attendance for weekday Bible studies hovers around 4-5 youth per group.

The Sabbath attendance has increased from 10 to 15.

Right now, the Spiritual Depot has 8 newly baptized members and 7 members from Vancouver Chinese Church. In addition, we have at least 7 non-baptized active members in the group. This constitutes the core group of 22 people. In addition we have another 10 visitors that come and go for a total Friday night attendance of 30-35 people.

The meridian age of the Depot is 25.6. 
64% of the group is between the ages of 18 and 29 years old.
The male to female ratio is about 5:6. In other words, there are 45% male and 55% female in the group. 

67% of members are involved in leadership. 73% of members are volunteering.

So far, we had 2 baptisms in 2012 and 7 baptisms in 2013. 

Out of these 9 new members, there is only one high school student who is not participating regularly.  Among them, there are 2 from SFU, 2 from UBC, 2 from BCIT, and 2 from high school.

By Peter Qui, Pastor, Spiritual Depot (Chinese Church Plant)

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