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Shepherdess Meeting at Camp Hope

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About fifteen pastors’ wives met together to share their stories, experiences, hopes, passions, and prayer requests at the recent Pastors’ and Principals’ Meetings at Camp Hope, in British Columbia.

A lot of emotion was felt as we all shared what was heavy on our hearts.

Many ideas were gathered from others’ experiences.

One district was dealing with a lot of deaths in the First Nations’ community.

By working in a food bank great connections were being forged. As a result their presence evoked smiles of recognition and gratitude from the community.

What became apparent in another church was the need to counsel young families and try to avoid the ever escalating rise of divorce in the church.

One inspiring idea in another church was to put up a bulletin board to share prayer requests and praise.

This gives church members a connection with people they may not be close to and a conversation starter when they meet each other.

Another idea was to start a bulk, organic food order for members of the community and have the food picked up at the church.

One church puts on government sponsored programs in their church like Food Safe and training for Flag jobs for highway projects.

Extra funds were raised by some through giving clothes to Big Brothers/Big Sisters who pay up to 35 cents per pound for clean, usable clothing.

The most impressive story was how one church retrofitted an old trailer and abandoned porch into a livable home for a needy member of the community. We all left the meeting humbled, inspired, and praising God for all that is being done in the different churches of the province of British Columbia.

By Erika Laughton, Whitehorse Seventh-day Adventist Church, Whitehorse, Yukon

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