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PCS students raise over $1700

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Each Christmas at Peace Christian School students raise funds for charity, and for the most part, the students have chosen the Charity within their class. 

In years past students have given to such organizations as ADRA, Gospel Outreach, and Gospel for Asia. 

This year was no different as students were asking in advance what project would they be helping this year. 

This year, however it was decided that funds raised would go to ADRA to help with the relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

The fundraising was done in conjunction with the gift exchange that homerooms do each Christmas. 

Students were given a limit to spend on a gift and encouraged to donate an equal amount to the project. 

When the funds were collected and tabulated the students at PCS raised over $1700. Special mention goes to the Grade 3/4 homeroom, which donated its classroom funds to the project. 

The biggest news however was saved for the Christmas concert on December 18th.  As the evening wound down in front of a standing room only crowd, representatives from the Chetwynd Women’s Resource group presented a sizable cheque to PCS.  Needless to say, the presentation came as a complete shock and caught Principal Darren Shankel off guard.

As the parents gathered their children and headed home and the staff remained behind to clean up and get organized for the next day, one could not help but feel that the true meaning of Christmas was felt by those in attendance that evening, and with that I will close by wishing you all a merry Christmas and God’s richest blessing for the new year.

By Alastair Atherton

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