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Airing Our Laundry!

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If one were the imagining type, one might imagine with 150 beds to change on a regular basis in the Camp Hope Lodge, that there is a LOT of laundry. Add in an even greater number of bath towels, hand towels, bath mats and wash cloths and you have something akin to a small pyramid.
As one might also imagine, with visitors coming and going on a regular basis, our laundry equipment gets quite the work out, continuously. 

As our main pieces of equipment were aging significantly, we recently went shopping and were able to find a New dryer and a good Used washer for just under $7000 plus taxes too of course. Wow! Pricey enough. But we have been shopping for months and months and that is a pretty good deal. The best we have found. Some donations have been trickling in during the summer and since, and they have aided us immensely in this purchase.

Sheets! We were in need of some new sheets. Occasionally a big group will come in, and shortly after they leave, another large group follows closely behind with only a day or so to clean the whole lodge. There is not enough time to wash everything before beds are all re-made, so you need at least two complete sets of all linens. We have not had this, until now with our sheet purchase. We were able to score some great prices on a JC Penney sale, 300 thread count too! Towels are another matter. Our linen coffers are too low to get stocked up on bath and hand towels.

Through some good friends in Montana we were able buy wash cloths and bath mats via a Red Lion Inn. We are in good condition now in that regard. A donation also recently came in to cover those items. 

ALSO from Montana, through these same friends, the Neugebauers, we received a donation of 185 new or near new Best Western pillows. You can see all the boxes in one of the pictures. So that is almost enough for everyone to have a new pillow! Do I hear an amen? No this doesn't make us a Hilton, but we are clean and comfortable!

Through regular and frequent useage, our linens and equipment get worn out. They not a front line, highly visible item and most don't usually give a second thought, or even a first one. But it is part of the heart and soul of the lodge and without nice, clean linens, people would think poorly of us and not wish to return. 

Tax deductible donations are always welcome should you wish to help us with this no frills, but very important area of the Mountain View Conference Centre at Camp Hope. If you actually read all the way down to the end of this linen and laundry epistle you are to be commended! You get a choice of a stamp or a star on your reading chart!!!

What's next? Well, toilet replacement is high on our list. We still have our $7000 donation for toilets and that will get us off to a good start. But we still could use your financial support as we tackle these smaller replacement and upgrade items.

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