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Happy Birthday Myrna!

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She has authored books, been an editor, an advocate for youth and has written many an essay and article. She is well written, well read and has an amazing sense of humor (she has two endearing children too(one who makes saur kraut)!!). Camp Hope doffs our collective birthday chapeaus to her.

Pastor Bob and Myrna are near and dear to thousands(maybe even millions) in the BC Conference. They have pastored and served in many locations through out BC and even in various locations in North America. Even though they have been retired for years, they are still pastoring and ministering part time - which means a lot of the time!

Pastor Bob was the first Youth Director at our current camp location and as such he ran the first summer camp programs there, blazing and building a program out of the Camp Hope wilds and dense wood. I (Bill) was just a lad during those days and enjoyed summer camps under his leadership. He is responsible for starting the horsey program as he is a horsey guy down deep.

What has helped shape and make this timeless duo so beloved, effective and long serving is there passion for Jesus and also their fellow man.

Thank you guys....and Happy Belated!


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