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Fellowship at Son Valley!

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What an evening of fellowship! It's wonderful to spend time with our church family and get to know other church friends and visitors better. Laughing and eating together seems to form bonds and open hearts. 

When we learn about each other’s lives we are more able to accept, forgive and worship together. Thank you to all who served in creating an amazing opportunity to fellowship. Grub Club, a youth ministry teaching cooking, baking and serving skills and led by one of our collegiate members, provided us with a delicious three course harvest meal. 

They served a salad with apple, pear, pumpkin seeds and cranberries, a wonderful harvest vegetable penne, and a beautifully plated pumpkin cheesecake. It was great to see my own youth aged children and many of their friends from both our church and other churches in the valley learn these skills and work together.

Fun in the Son, our social team, transformed our church family room into a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere for an evening of good food and entertainment. 

They organized a "No Talent, Talent Show" so during our meal we enjoyed great music and talent performed by a variety of our friends and family from as young as three years old and arranged for a comedic and entertaining emcee. We laughed and sang and loved seeing our little ones have a part in our family. Some funds were donated to Grub Club for their future endeavors and we were also able to raise a "love gift" for one of our youth who recently lost her horse.

It is such a blessing and inspiration to serve together with dedicated followers of Christ who give of themselves to others. Thank you for the fellowship! 

Brandee Massey, Communication Secretary, Son Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church