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Divine Appointment?

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“Can you baptize my baby?” These were the words that greeted Pastor Brian Hawes when he opened the front doors of the Rutland Church to find a young mother with a small baby in a stroller standing before him.  

It was Sunday evening after the John Bradshaw evangelistic meeting was over and people were lingering in the church foyer when they heard the loud and insistent knocking at the church door.  There stood the young mother with her 23-day-old baby.  

“Can you baptize my baby?” she repeated. Pastor Brian explained that we follow the example that Jesus set for us when He was dedicated to God in the temple as a small baby. That seemed to satisfy our young friend.  Pastor Brian questioned her as to when would be a good time to do that and her response was, “Can we do it now?”

What followed was a precious experience for all those who had remained behind.  We followed Pastor Brian and the young mother into the sanctuary and right there at the front of the church this most precious and beautiful baby was presented to God.  We all joined in singing, “Lead Them My God to Thee” and a prayer of dedication ended the impromptu service.

A tour of our Cradle Roll Room ensued and gifts of a handmade baby quilt and other baby items from our “Bags of Love” cupboards were given. Phone numbers were exchanged and arrangements made for transportation to Sabbath Services the following week. The very warm welcome she received and the sincere gestures of friendship spoke volumes to her heart and she promised that she would definitely respond to the invitation that was extended.  

Was this a chance encounter, a coincidence that Pastor Brian and others were on site to welcome and accommodate the request of this young mother? Or was this a “divine appointment” where the Holy Spirit prompted the heart of a young mother to stop at the church at exactly the right moment?  We’d like to think it was the latter!

By Donna Rose, Communication Director, Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church