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Pastor Appreciation at Rutland

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October has been designated Pastor Appreciation Month throughout the North American Division.  

It’s a time specifically set aside to honor and pay tribute to the pastoral teams who so ably lead their congregations through the valleys of discouragement and despair as well as the mountaintop experiences of life.   

We sometimes think that pastors are immune to the criticisms and complaints  that assail them from time to time, but just like us, they need the affirmation that a word in due season brings.  Pastor Appreciation Month gives us a gentle reminder to offer encouragement and words of appreciation to those who are very much involved in our spiritual welfare.

We in the Rutland Church in Kelowna, greatly enjoy the ministry of our two pastoral couples, Brian Hawes, senior pastor, and his wife Karen, and Cameron Koronko, associate pastor, and his wife Myrne.  

Our church family feels very fortunate to be spiritually led by these men and their very capable wives.  

Besides ministering to our needs each Sabbath, they are involved in many other activities  during the week, both inside and outside the church.  Even Okanagan Adventist Academy students enjoy the weekly visits from one of our pastors. 

On Sabbath, October 19, the Rutland Church took the opportunity to recognize the talents and abilities of these pastoral couples during the Worship Service.  

A special tribute by church secretary, Donalda Rowse, was given and then beautiful bouquets of roses were presented to the pastors and their wives.  

In addition to that, notes of appreciation by Rutland Church members had been written during the previous week and on Sabbath were placed into baskets in the church foyer and then presented to each of the couples along with the floral bouquets during the Worship Service.

We hope that our gestures of gratitude were well received and indicated to them the high regard and respect with which we hold them.  Have YOU told your pastor(s) what they mean to you?  If not, there’s still time during the month of October (or at  ANY time) to do so.

Donna Rose, Communication Director, Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church

2013 Rutland Pastor Appreciation