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Opposite Teams: Same Goal

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Football players like to win. For weeks, students from CASA (Canadian Adventist School Athletics) all over the province have been practicing their plays on the field, devising strategies to outwit the other teams. 

But when teenagers meet others similar to them from all over the province, the real fun begins. They saw friends from other schools they hadn’t seen in months!  Some they knew from switching schools, camp-meeting, Mountain View Summer Camp, or other tournaments. 

By the end of the weekend, after worshipping, eating and playing together, even those who were strangers at the beginning of the tournament became friends by the end!  No matter who won the football game, all of our students learned a lot about sharing the love of Jesus through friendship. Score!

By Loretta Knopp, Deer Lake School Teacher,  Photos by Loretta

Opposite Teams: Same Goal