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BOD Update: SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

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Highlights from the BC Conference Board of Directors (BOD) meeting on September 22, 2013 

1. Wayne Culmore, BC Conference President, shared with the BOD the working document for the Strategic Planning for this new quadrennial - REACH BC & YUKON. 

The BOD received it well and it was voted to dedicate a full weekend for Visioning & Strategic Planning for the BC Conference for this quadrennial, which includes the suggestions of the delegates during the Constituency Meeting. 

This will take place at Camp Hope, on January 24-26, 2014 when the BOD, Administrators and Departmental Directors, K-12 Board, Regional Ministerial Coordinators, and Office staff will come together in prayer and work hand in hand “to help determine how the BC Conference can help local churches reach their communities for Jesus.” 

2. Lisa Mowat and Lynne Vaz were voted as the BOD newest members, replacing two members who were elected by the Constituency Meeting but regrettable declined the nomination for personal reasons. 

3. The Board of Directors re-elected all our Departmental Directors with the understanding that there will be a midterm evaluation. 

4. The Credentials and Licenses for the BC Conference workers were voted for this new term. 

5. The BOD also selected the members of various different Board Appointed Committees (will be published soon). 

6. Lloyd Robinson, BC Conference Education Superintendent, presented a good report about our schools and things are looking positive for this school year.

7. Mike Wixwat, BC Conference Treasurer,  shared with the BOD a 3.75% YTD tithe gain (up to August 2013) as compared to 2012. Praise God! Let us continue to be God’s faithful stewards.

8. Wesley Torres, BC Conference Executive Secretary, shared with the Board the steps & work done to find good pastoral replacements for our current open districts: 

New Life & Richmond District

Prince George District

Richlands & Silver Hills Churches

Bella Coola Church

Thanks for being part of our BC Conference and for making a positive contribution in your local congregation. 

Please remember the BC Conference BOD in your prayers as we continue to work together for the expansion of His Kingdom in this beautiful territory!

Yours in His Service, Wesley Torres, Vice-President for Administration