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This unique conference is designed not only to vision and teach health evangelism but to share simple powerful tools that anyone professional or lay can use daily to connect with their community and bring healing that builds friendships that will provide unlimited opportunities to lead people to Jesus.

Who Should Attend local church health ministry leaders, all health professionals including nurses, physicians, pastors, teachers, church elders and deacons and anyone interested in using health as a tool to reach their community for Christ.

Conference Schedule
Friday, November 22, 2013
        2-5 PM         Comprehensive Personal Health Assessments: For Interested Particpants, times of assessments should be scheduled ahead, more info to follow with Betty Steinke and Myrna Ferris
        2-5 PM         Health Fair Booths with hands-on ideas and training
        5:30              Supper 
        7:00              Health Ministry – Reversing the Worst Evil - Part 1: Visioning with Dave Fiedler
        8:30              Explaining To Your Neighbors The Secrets Of Longevity: With Dr. Tim Riesenberger
Sabbath, November 23, 2013
         7:00 AM      Wake-up Walk: with Phil Brewer
         8:00            Breakfast
         9:30            Sitting on a Goldmine: Visioning with Dr. Ern Brake
       11:00            Health Ministry – Reversing the Worst Evil - Part 2: Visioning with Dave Fiedler
       12:30 PM      Dinner
         1:30            Walk, Rest and Fellowship Time
         3:00            BC Health Ministry Stories and Update: with Dr. Sid Kettner
         4:00            Sharing With Your Friends How To Reverse The #1 Killer: with Dr. Tim Riesenberger
         5:30            Supper
         7:00            The Heartbeat of Health Ministry: Visioning with Dave Fiedler
         8:00            What Your Co-workers Need To Know About Cancer: with Dr. Tim Riesenberger
         9:00            Health Fair Booths with hands-on ideas and training

Sunday, November 22, 2013
         7:00 AM      Wake-up Walk: with Phil Brewer
         8:00            Breakfast   
         9:00            How To Bring To Your Community Solutions For Diabetes: with Dr. Tim Riesenberger
       10:00            BC Health Ministry Visioning Roundtable: with Phil Brewer
       11:30            Health Ministry in the Local Church: with Phil Brewer
       12:30 PM      Dinner 
         1:00            Health Fair Booths with hands-on ideas and training: Off To Ministry
Health Fair Booths with Hands-on Ideas and Training on how to share with your community including specific resources on Recovery Ministries, Camp Hope, Silver Hills Bakery, Silver Hills Guest House, Stress Management, CHIP, Depression Recovery, Native Ministries and much, much more
Guest Speakers
Dave Fiedler has taught in Adventist schools for twenty years. Five years ago, his love for the lessons of Adventist History led him to try putting them to practical use. As president of Adventist City Missions, he has managed a vegan restaurant, spoken widely on "Gospel-Medical Missionary Evangelism" and authored a new book: d'Sozo: Reversing the Worst Evil. He and his family have recently moved from Kansas to British Columbia.
Dr. Tim Riesenberger, MD, MPH, from Seattle, WA, is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician trained at Stanford University. Dr. Riesenberger practices emergency medicine in Seattle, and is strongly committed to empowering patients to use diet and lifestyle to avoid illness.  He has a Masters in Public Health in Preventive Medicine from Loma Linda University. Dr. Riesenberger strongly believes in a mind, body and spirit approach to medicine. As a seasoned and popular speaker,  Dr. Riesenberger shares spiritual messages along with health lectures and has presented at AMEN, ASI and GYC. He has been to 48 countries on 6 continents, volunteering his time to conduct seminars and provide medical assistance through the Islita Foundation,  His recent mission service includes the disasters in Haiti and Japan.

Dr. Ern Brake, D.Min, is a pastor and comes from a Canadian Air Force family, and grew up in Europe and Atlantic Canada. He was converted from atheism in 1980 at the age of 20 while attending university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ern’s first contact with the Seventh-day Adventist Church was in response to an  It Is Written telecast.  After resigning his position at VIA Rails Canada for Sabbath reasons, he took theology at Canadian University College, graduating with his new bride, June, in 1985. Together, with their son, Michael, they ministered in Newfoundland, Ern as a pastor, and June as a school principal. They moved to British Columbia in 1997 where Ern is currently serving as the Ministerial and Health Ministries Director of the BC and Yukon Conference of SDA.  Ern received a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Andrews University in 2010, in which he studied Christian ministry for the postmodern mindset. 
Dr. Sidney R. Kettner M.D. grew up in Hope, BC and attended Walla Walla College and received his medical degree from Loma Linda University. He served as a medical missionary in Yellowknife and Hong Kong before setting up a private practice in Creston, BC.  He has given medical lectures in the Ukraine, Czech Republic, China, Greece, Bolivia and Argentina. He has much practical experience in health ministries at the local church and he helped Dr. Hans Diehl launch the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) 25 years ago in Creston. His passion is Lifestyle Medicine.  He recently retired but continues to do short term mission service. He and his wife Carol, a Registered Nurse, four grown children and three grandchildren.
Phil Brewer, is the founder and director of Silver Hills Guest House established in 1984. Phil and his wife, Eileen, are committed to revealing nature's better way of caring for you. Phil believes that nature does her work wisely and well and you will reap the rewards in body mind and spirit. Phil has seen thousands of people learn Nature's Better Ways of Caring. Guests tell stories of going home with more energy, feeling more relaxed, feeling healthier, and feeling more inspired. The Silver Hills Guest House is a full service Spa resort located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia offering lifestyle change programs and serving delicious vegan vegetarian gourmet meals. Full info online

Registration Info and Cost For Weekend

Conference Registration:
Includes accommodations (2 nights) and 6 all vegan vegetarian meals, comprehensive personal health assessment and all programs

Individual: $235          
Individual (shared room: $195            
Couple: $390    
Early Bird Discount            
Individual: $50 - if registered and paid by September 30 
Early Bird Discount: Couple - $100 - if registered and paid by September 30

Full refund available on cancellations until November 1 after that only 75% refund and all registrations must be completed and paid by Wednesday, November 13.

Conference Pricing with no accomodations (must be registered by November 13)

Full Weekend includes all sessions with 2 Sabbath meals, dinner and suppe: $75
Only Sabbath includes  all day sessions with 2 Sabbath meals, dinner and supper: $50

Note for Health Ministry or Potential Local Church Health Ministry Leaders: Contact your pastor, head elder or church board and possibly they will sponsor you for all or part of your cost to attend this conference.
To Register: Email or call Sylvia Culmore at,  604-853-5451 by November 13