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Sabbath Love!

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I love Sabbath. I always have, though the reasons have varied through the years.

To me, it has been many things…a study break, a work break, time for family and friends, delicious lunches, followed sometimes by hiking and/or napping and magical Friday nights of music, candlelight, soup and cinnamon rolls.

Whatever the case, there are certain Sabbaths that are just extra sweet, times when the presence of God is felt more powerfully and face of Jesus seen more clearly. This was the case this last weekend at Son Valley.

The church service began with beautiful worship lead by Jordan and Brandee. The praise team was joined by our new youth pastor, Adam Bussey.

Adam will be serving with us over this next year. It’s clear already that lives will be impacted by his heart for Jesus and compassion for people! Next, Dale shared his heart for community in the church and how it has impacted his life.

He also shared our call to reach those outside our walls and embrace them with the love of Jesus.

Finally, after sharing her desire to commit to her “Best Friend”, we celebrated together as Tessa Gibbon-Kettner was baptized. I will never forget the emotion on her face, standing dripping wet, fresh from the baptistry.

What an awesome thing to see the lov e of Jesus in the eyes of a young person! All Sabbaths are special but some are just extra sweet. And this one was a little taste of heaven. Did I mention that the afternoon included chocolate cake?

I’m pretty sure there will be chocolate cake in heaven.

Submitted, Jill Stickle