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Camp Meeting 2013 HELPING HANDS HERO

Camp Meeting 2013 HELPING HANDS HEROES. Ken Fleming of Mission works very well under pressure. So well so, that when he offered to come to Camp Hope and volunteer last June, we hoped pressure washing would soon be his claim to fame. After all, he had recently retired and we wanted to help fulfill that sense of self purpose that can be lost after the working years are in the rear view mirror.

We immediately put Ken to work pressure washing the bunkhouses. It was an all day job and Ken did it unflinchingly. We then set him to task cleaning off the concrete site markers that are in the ground, in B section. These had grown virtually unreadable over the years and once again Ken arose to the task and passed with flying colors. He discovered some of the concrete markers were "outta sight", buried by the years, and so he fashioned a tool out of re-bar that he could poke and prod into the ground.

His tenacioiusness paid off and he found quite a number of markers that had gotten buried at some point in recent years. On another day with the help of young volunteer Mark Kyslik, the two co-labourers dug up the sunken site markers, raising them from their temporary earthen graves and made them useable once again. Another day Ken laboured long and hard pressure washing/blasting the paint off the walls in the showers in the main bathroom behind the big auditorium. This was a tough job. It was wet and MESSY.

Latex does not stick well on oil paint and it looked terrible in there from paint peeling every which way. So all the paint needed to come off so our expensive epoxy would stick and stay. Ken did a great job, uncomplaining. Unflappable. Unflinching. Ken was also hugely instrumental in helping the camp acquire the new(to us) firetruck which was donated from the Hammond Cedar Mill. Way to go Ken! We appreciated all you did during this last pre-campmeeting run up.