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Dear BC Church Family:

We believe that “the local congregation is the most effective community to bring people to faith, nurture people in their faith, and to equip them for lives of discipleship.” 

With this thought in mind, we are asking all pastors and their church leaders to join us on a journey.  A journey of respectful collaboration between Conference leaders, pastors, and church leaders– a journey that will be intentional and will lead to clearly defined outcomes for the glory of God.

On January 24-26, 2014 our BC Conference Board of Directors, along with our entire office staff, K-12 Board, and Regional Ministerial Coordinators, will be meeting at Camp Hope to prayerfully consider what should be the Conference strategy to help local churches reach their communities for Jesus.  In order for this to happen we need your help!  Charles Ed II Aguilar will be sending to your church a video that will explain how your pastor and your church leaders can “HELP US TO HELP YOU”. 

At our recent Constituency Meeting representatives from around the conference were asked to answer one question -- WHAT SHOULD THE BC CONFERENCE BE DOING TO HELP A LOCAL CHURCH GROW GOD’S KINGDOM?  We emailed your pastors the feedback we received from the constituents.   We are requesting your pastor(s) along with your church leaders to review the document and then add their suggestions to the list.  Once the list is completed they will prioritize their suggestions based on what they prayerfully consider as the most important to the least important.  They will then forward their feedback to the President. 

Church family, we need divine wisdom to determine not only our focus but also as to how we should be distributing the resources God provides.   We are excited to see where this journey is going to lead us. 

Beloved, Jesus is coming soon!  Will you join us as we work TOGETHER to proclaim His gospel throughout British Columbia and the Yukon.