Presidential Blessing: September 29, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: September 29, 2018
Educating For Eternity!
Greetings from Burman University (BU), Lacombe, AB. I am here attending the BU Board of Trustees and other related meetings this weekend. We have a great Adventist University in Canada and we ought to be proud of it. Please, let’s keep BU students, professors, staff, neighbors, and the University Campus in our prayers.
Yesterday afternoon, we stopped our meetings and went to Ponoka to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Mamawi Atosketan Native School Junior and High School Building & Leon Ingraham Arts Centre. What an inspiring moment! That state of the art school was built by much faith in God and a strong commitment and support from church members and community. It is a testimony about what can be achieved when we work together - amazing. The school has grown to the extend of having 230 students currently enrolled and its level of student retention is more than double than the other schools in town.
The fact that I grew up in a home of an educator, my mother, it helped me to always value the importance of education in one’s life. Education opens the mind of an individual, it helps in the development of their character, provides information, brings and expands knowledge, and prepares and enhances one’s ability for service in society. In the human level, a good education is the greatest asset in an individual’s life and the best inheritance parents can “provide” for their children and future generations.
The 2018-2019 school year is completing its first month in session. Our schools in the BC Conference are experiencing a positive start and we pray that this school year will be a blessing to our children - yes, our children! Every child in the BC Conference is a child of ours. We are a family and God expects us to pray, encourage, and support each one of them (Matt. 18:10, Psalm 127:3, Isa. 54:13). They are not only the church of the present, they are also the future of “God’s appointed agency for the salvation of men” [souls] (AA, 9).
The BC Conference leadership envisions that this idea - OUR children - becomes a dream and then a reality among ourselves. We pray that all of us become strong supporters of all the children in our churches and schools, seeing them as OUR children. Let’s pray for them regularly and encourage and support them spiritually and to attend our Adventist schools, the ideal place for them to get the best education - academically, physically, emotionally, and above all, spiritually. Every Adventist child deserves to study in an Adventist school. We have 13 excellent schools (brick and mortar) and an online school, West Coast. I am thrilled that two of our academies, in a step of faith, have hired full-time chaplains to enhance the spiritual component in their school environment. Let’s keep Moses Haynes (DLS) and Ben Amoah (FVAA) in our prayers for their ministry for OUR children in the BC Conference.
Please find below the link for the beautiful stewardship video for this month:
Also, please pray for the upcoming Training/Retreats at Camp Hope (below). Registration is available on our website.
1 - Women’s Ministries – This weekend, Dr. Esmie Branner.
2 - Men’s Ministries – Oct 12-14, Pastor Kevin Wilfley.
3 - Health Share Weekend – Oct 26-28, Dr. Marcus Trayer and BC Conference Health Ministry Team.
4 - Youth Retreat “Search & Rescue” – Nov 09-12, Nathan Wahl.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres, D.Min