Presidential Blessing: September 22, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: September 22, 2018
Ambassadors For Unity!
Greetings from Abbotsford! I returned from Brazil earlier this week after a “short vacation”, which was precipitated by a family emergency there. God is good, things went well, by His grace.
Today, I will be of service to the incipient Brazilian Group that is being formed at the Cornerstone Church. That group is responsible for the worship service at the host church this morning and I will have the honour to share God’s Word with both groups together - a service in Portuguese and English. Please, let’s keep both church families in our prayers.
In my devotional today, I came across some beautiful and inspiring SOP statements. They touched my heart and I felt impressed to share them with you. They talk about unity in the church.
“In unity there is a life, a power that can be obtained in no other way. There will be a vast power in the church when the energies of the members are united under the control of the Spirit.” EGW, 7T, 237.  "We are com­ing to a time when, more than ever before, we shall need to press together, to labor unitedly. In union there is strength. In discord and disunion there is only weakness. ... In our separation from one another we are separated from Christ. . . . Oh, how many times, when I have seemed to be in the presence of God and holy angels, I have heard the angel voice saying, 'Press together, press together, press together. Do not let Satan cast his hellish shadow be­tween brethren. Press together; in unity there is strength.' " EGW, 2SM, 374.
I would kindly encourage all of us to pray earnestly for this “Gift of Unity” among us, especially as we approach this time of the year with the GC, NAD, SDACC and SDABC yearend meetings.
Also, please let’s us pray for the upcoming Training/Retreats at Camp Hope (below). Registration is available on our website.
1 - Singles Ministries – this weekend.
2 - Women’s Ministries – Next weekend, Dr. Esmie Branner.
3 - Men’s Ministries – Oct 12-14, Pastor Kevin Wilfley.
4 - Health Share Weekend – Oct 26-28, Dr. Marcus Trayer and BC Conference Health Ministry Team.
5 - Youth Retreat “Search & Rescue” – Nov 09-12, Nathan Wahl.
Thank you for your committed service to God’s Cause as an Ambassador for Unity!
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres, D.Min.