Presidential Blessing: July 28, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: July 28, 2018

Do Not Be Afraid!


Greetings from Camp Hope, 2018 BC Conference Camp Meeting (CM), Reflecting God’s Glory! Yes, our CM has began. We worked hard as a team during this week, God protected us from accidents, the camp grounds look beautiful, and there is an amazing spirit of camaraderie and cooperation here – God is good! Thank you to all who worked with us and to those who prayed for us.


In the opening message of our CM, Elder Randy Roberts presented a heart-touching message last evening. He reminded us from John 14:1-6 that our Savior Jesus wants us to Reflect God’s Glory in our daily lives, He has promised to never forget us, and that we have nothing to fear - He has always been there for us and will be coming soon to take us home with Him, forever!


I am reminded of many Bible promises that encourage us to depend on God alone. Do not be afraid is a recurring message throughout the Scriptures: Gen 26:24; Deut. 1:21, 29; 20:1, 3; Jos. 1:9; Jud. 6:23; Prov. 3:24; Isa. 41:10, 13; 43:1-3; Jer. 1:8; Matt. 8:26; Mark 5:36; John 14:27; Acts 27:24; Heb. 13:5b, etc… We have nothing to be afraid of! “God is Someone not to be afraid of, but a friend of.” Have you ever considered that from the beginning of the great controversy… for every evil angel there were (are) always two powerful Heavenly Angels on the side of God’s children? Yes, we have always been on the winning side!


Please pray with me for:


1 – Our Camp Meeting during these next 9 days. May God manifest His glory to us and let us be willing to reflect it in our lives to others, by His power.

2 – Our BC Conference Board of Directors Meeting and decisions tomorrow.


Much prayer – greater power, for His glory!


Happy Sabbath!


In His Service,
Wesley Torres