Presidential Blessing: June 30, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: June 30, 2018
Camp Meeting Blessings!
Greetings from Abbotsford! Today, I will participate in the Filipino Camp Meeting at Camp Hope. Hundreds of our beloved Filipino brothers and sisters will gather to worship God, fellowship as a family, and design plans to reach others for Christ. Please pray for the spiritual success of this event.
Last evening, I realized that this Sabbath marks the middle of the year 2018. I can hardly believe that half of this year is already gone… The good news about this is that Jesus’ second coming is closer than ever. Soon, we will see Him coming in the clouds of heaven to take us home to be with Him forever! This is the greatest news ever!
At the office, we are busy with the final preparations for our 2018 BC Conference Camp Meeting - Reflecting God’s Glory. We are eagerly praying for a very spiritual gathering of God’s saints and kindly request you to do the same in your congregations. Please set aside a special time of prayer for the Lord’s presence to be felt among His people and His Holy Spirit to be poured abundantly on all who will be making their way to Camp Hope. Also, please pray for those who will watch it by livestreaming so that they would feel that “they are there at Camp Hope” as real participants. Please, pray for the speakers in every division and seminar sites. Also, for the musicians, audio visual technicians, our Conference workers and volunteers who will be serving our Constituency upfront or behind the scenes, but especially for every soul to be touched by God’s powerful messages. Camp Meeting is a time of spiritual refreshing and renewal of our faith.
“The object of a camp meeting is to lead all to separate from business cares and burdens, and devote a few days exclusively to seeking the Lord. We should occupy the time in self-examination, close searching of heart, penitential confession of sins, and renewing our vows to the Most High. If any come to these meetings for less worthy objects, we hope the character of the meetings will be such as to bring their minds to the proper objects.” EGW, 2T, 601.
Thank you for all your hard and committed work to God’s Cause. It does not go unnoticed before Heaven and us!
May God bless each of you individually, your families, your faithful service to Him, and as you unveil His face before His people and interact with them today, in His Name!
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres