Presidential Blessing: June 9, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: June 9, 2018
A Miracle Baby!
Greetings from Oshawa, ON! I have been attending some meetings at the SDACC from the middle of this week. Tomorrow and Monday we will have the SDACC Board of Directors. Please, pray for us and for the important matters and decisions for God’s Cause in Canada.
Today, I will be of service to my former congregation here in ON. I will share God’s Word with them and have the privilege to dedicate a “miracle baby”, a daughter of a lovely couple. Yes, Rain is a miracle baby! Her parents, family members, and friends, myself included, prayed for her mother to be able to give birth to a baby for quite a while. She underwent different treatments and we were a bit concerned because she was also facing a challenging health condition. However, our Heavenly Father is the “Doctor of the doctors”, the “Great Physician”! In His own timing, the mother experienced a good pregnancy and delivered a healthy and perfect baby, without compromising her health in any form or shape. Yes, the parents named the baby Rain, as the rain that comes down from God in heaven to water and make the land fertile.
This baby is a living testimony of what the Lord can do when we place our faith in Him. I can only imagine how beautiful and emotional will be this morning… A celebration of life (protection of the mother) and a new life (baby Rain), all by God’s power and grace. Please pray for this family. The mother reminds us of Hannah who was praying for a little boy (1 Samuel 1:9-28). For this family here, God “came down” in a beautiful Rain and blessed the parents abundantly, too!
We serve a God of the impossible. Our impossibilities are God’s opportunities! I simply wish we could trust Him more. Many times, we treat Him like an “emergency department”, just as when we need an immediate attention, according to our own understanding. Nevertheless, He is always there, just a prayer away!
“Unceasing prayer is the unbroken union of the soul with God, so that life from God flows into our life; and from our life, purity and holiness flow back to God.” EGW, SC, 98.
Please, let’s pray for:
1 - Local Church Elders’ Training with Elder Nik Satelmajer at Camp Hope, next weekend - June 15-17. Registration is available on our website or call the office (Mary) for more details – Sabbath only participation.
2 - Youth & SAGE Retreat, at Camp Hope, June 24 - 30. Details on our website.
3 - Filipino Camp Meeting, at Camp Hope, June 29 - July 1.
4 - Summer Camp, at Camp Hope, July and August. Details on our website.
5 - BC Conference Camp Meeting - July 27 - August 4. The messengers include: Randy Roberts, Bill Knott, Randy Maxwell, Mike Tucker, Massiel Davila-Ferrer, and other inspired messengers.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres