Presidential Blessing: May 12, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: May 12, 2018
Mother - The Human Expression of God’s Love
Greetings from Kamloops! Today, I will be of service to the Kamloops Church family as we will worship the Lord and fellowship together this morning and afternoon. This evening, Pastors Brake, Glatts and I will be meeting with the leadership of one of our churches in Surrey for a visioning session. Please, let’s pray for a wonderful experience with the Lord as all of us worship Him on this Sabbath day.
Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. This is one holiday which is celebrated in many countries around the world on the same day. I am so glad this is like that. The love of a mother for her child (children) is the best human example the Bible “compares” to God’s love for us. A mother carries a baby in her womb for 9 months and experiences a dramatic transformation in her body during that period. However, she senses the joy of having a baby with great expectation. I was together with my wife during the delivery of our three children. Those were unforgettable moments! I witnessed her birth pains and I simply admit that we, men, do not have the ability to sustain and go through that painful process. Most amazingly is the fact that God “designed” all parts of the woman’s body to cooperate with that experience. Nonetheless, despite my wife’s “suffering” I noticed hope and love in her face… Yes, when our children were born, the overjoy that erupted from her soul supplanted “by far” the birth pain she had gone through. After all, she held each of them in her arms as tears of satisfaction rolled down her cheek. It was like a gratification statement:It was worth it!
I can have a better understanding, only a human glimpse, of God’s love for me and all of us because of that. God speaks to us in the Bible: "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!”Isaiah 49:15 (NIV) Even if a mother could ignore the baby for which she endured so much pain for, God will never forget us! His love for us is greater than anything else we can picture or imagine!
I take this opportunity to convey my appreciation and prayers for all of you, beloved mothers in the British Columbia Conference. Your love and dedication to your children will be rewarded. I remind you that a mother’s prayer is the strongest human power available. I have experienced and been blessed (still am) by those prayers myself.Happy Mother’s Day!
Let’s pray together for:
1 - Let’s Move Kelowna Evangelism with Chris Holland (It Is Written Canada) – concluding today with baptismal ceremonies. It has been an amazing experience. God is good!
2 - New Life Church Evangelism – 5 precious souls preparing for baptism.
3 - Pathfinder Camporee at Camp Hope, next weekend, May 18-21. Training our Youth for service!
4 - REACH Training also at Camp Hope, next weekend, May 17-22. Equipping leaders for soulwinning!
5 - Vancouver Island and Kootenay Regional Camp Meetings, May 25-26. God’s family worshipping and fellowshipping together.
6 - Local Church Elders’ Training withElder Nik Satelmajer at Camp Hope, June 15-17. Registration available on our website.Conference subsidy until June 5.
7 - Youth & SAGE Retreat at Camp Hope, June 24-30. Details to follow.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres